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We have developed luncheon, dinner, and wedding packages to fit any occasion. If you would like more information on renting the clubhouse or hosting an event, please call Janet at 847-690-1426 or our main line at 847-228-3544.


Room Rentals

Beverage Options:

Beverage Options

Breakfast Options:

Country Breakfast Buffet
Mini Brunch Breakfast Buffet
Brunch Buffet

Luncheon / Dinner Options:

Ace Buffet
All Occasion Buffet Package
Country Buffet
Luncheon Wraps
Premium Buffet Package
Family Favorites
Classic Favorites
Regency Dinner Package

Wedding Package
Shower Package

Enhancement Options:

Hors d’oeuvres
Sweet Table

Specialty Menu Options:

A Taste of Italy
BBQ Chicken and Ribs Buffet
Summer Picnic Package
South of the Border